Sunday, December 28, 2008


I noticed I was running low on shampoo and conditioner, so I made sure to buy some this afternoon. My toothpaste is getting a little empty, and my deodorant stick is getting light, so I think perhaps a refill on the essentials is necessary in the next three days.

My house is out of ketchup (and I smother it all over everything) and I have no more vegan margarine to speak of. Again, more stocking is necessary? We'll see. I leave town for Reno on Wednesday, so this'll all have to happen in the next two days.

I did my laundry, and figured that it's about $3.25 a load.

I've started noticing how the little things add up. What if I get a run in my hose at work? What if I'm forced to take the bus (instead of bike) because it rains? What if one of my knitting needles snaps in half? What if I'm baking a cake for a friend and I run out of flour?

I got an organizer (by Slingshot; purchased at Bound Together in Upper Haight) on Saturday. I'll be using it to track my spending.

So, the days are winding down...

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