Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Amazing Weather

The weather in San Francisco has been absolutely amazing, and I’ve been abusing the hell out of it. Yesterday, I woke up and fixed myself another batch of waffles, pressed some coffee, and then prepared myself for a long bike ride. I rode out to Sutro Baths in San Francisco and then down to the San Francisco Zoo to see a friend who works there. After I rode home, I skipped down to Safeway to grab what I could for a recipe I was really excited about trying.

I’m moving out of San Francisco on the 31st, so I’ve been trying to condense and rid myself of unnecessary things. This is a bit tricky because I moved just four months ago into my current place, so I already did the condensing necessary for that downgrade. What I did manage to tackle, however, is my craft area. I had somehow acquired a garbage-bag full of scrap fabric, and I realized I just wasn’t going to use it…at least anytime soon. So, I bagged it all up and posted an ad in the “Free Stuff” section on Craigslist, unsure if anyone would even want it.

I woke up Yesterday morning to FIVE e-mails asking me for it. …San Francisco is certainly an interesting bunch.

I found a taker and had that bag out of my life in less than 24-hours.

As for dinner, I made my own version of a recipe I saw in Natural Health magazine. The recipe called to me because it was already vegan and sounded super-good (Cold noodles and sesame tempeh FTW!), so I catalogued it in my mind and remembered it yesterday. It turned out GREAT, but I made some changes. (It called for edamame, but that’s just not in my budget. I used ½ a can of peas instead. The recipe also said to include raw peppers. I’m not too crazy about peppers, so I sautéed them with the tempeh. It also called for peanut oil – not in my budget. I just used the sesame oil I splurged for, instead.)

It was also a roommate’s birthday yesterday, so I made my favorite chocolate-cake recipe, altering it to add a hint of coffee by pressing a cup of coffee and replacing the water in the recipe with that. I made homemade icing and sprinkled it with chocolate chips I had on-hand in the freezer (I buy them on-sale and I can use them in a variety of things when I decide to. They last forever in the freezer.) This particular cake recipe is a throwback from WW2, when rations were strict. It’s dubbed “Wacky Cake” and it is naturally vegan.

  • Laundry: $3.00
  • Sesame Oil: $3.59
  • Cilantro: $0.99
  • Lime: $0.35
  • Peas: $0.85
  • TOTAL: $8.78

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