Saturday, January 10, 2009

Thursday & Friday

I haven't been feeling so well, so my lack of updating isn't because I gave's simply because there just isn't much to update.

Feeling better, though.

On Thursday, my only out-of-pocket expense was the morning coffee and apple, bringing my total for the day to $1.35. My meals were supplemented by bagels, leftovers, and some Indian my roomie scored for free (because he previously worked at the establishment).

Yesterday, I had to buy a ride on the city bus. I also purchased a burrito for dinner/lunch. I went to a free punk show, but I brought in a forty...because that's just what you do.

  • Bus Ride: $1.50
  • Burrito: $4.00
  • Beer: $2.00
  • Total: $7.50


  1. Just wanted to say that even though you're not getting many comments, I found your blog through Reddit and I'm loving your work. Good luck with the next 2/3rds of January.