Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pro-Active Day

Yesterday was a very pro-active day. I got a lot done. I woke up and made myself some apple-cinnamon waffles from scratch. I made myself some coffee, and then I took my flat bike tire down to Box Dog Bikes in the Mission. (Yes, I am aware that everyone and their brother seems to think changing a flat tire is a piece, but no one - and I mean NO ONE - I know outside of those who WORK in a bike shop can ACTUALLY change the tires I have on my track bike, so there.) Box Dog was having a big sale (20% off of everything), so I got my tire changed for $5.

After that, I went on a three-hour walk. The weather was beautiful and I had a library book to return, so I went to it. Then, I walked through Golden Gate Park and found a nice, sunny spot and read for a bit. I stopped by the grocery store on the way home and picked up some essentials for dinner and breakfast.

After I got home, I just took it easy. I made a loaf of bread in my bread machine. I watched some tv shows on Netflix. I read a bit.

We had a party at the house last night (turned out to be rather massive) and I intended to leave at some point to get some cheap beer...but it just never happened. I was able to drink for free all night in exchange for some well-needed dj services. (No matter what, a "Smells Like Teen Spirit" sing-along always seems to brighten the mood and bring back fond memories.)

Today, though...I am craving (and I mean CRAVING) a sandwich from Love'N'Haight...but it's $6.49. No dice.

  • Bike Maintenance: $5.00
  • Black Beans: $1.00
  • Tofu: $1.50
  • Garlic: $0.39
  • Onion: $0.88
  • Potato: $0.45
  • TOTAL: $9.22

1 comment:

  1. You're doing really well - not too long to go!

    Have that sandwich on Feb 1.