Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Using the Sales @ Safeway

Today was a day like any other. I had my bagel and coffee and apple, leftovers for lunch, trip to the dentist, came home..

...yeah. Trip to the dentist. /shudder. I don't want to get into it, but I am in the process of finding a new dentist after a less-than-satisfactory experience with the evil lady of Commercial Street. Co-pay for the visit is nothing, so I didn't spend any money on the visit. I will, however, have to break the $10-a-day thing on the 22nd and get two cavities filled, but this is my teeth we're talking about; I only get one pair.

Another faux pas: I had to buy contacts today. I realized I only had one pair left this morning, and that's no bueno. I DID, however, manage to finagle some savings out of the situation. My eye doctor told me it would be $38 A BOX for a pair of contacts, and I was all, "oh, no. No way. Not paying that." I requested my prescription and logged onto 1800contacts.com. I found my contacts on there for $24.99 a box. Score! THEN, I decided to see if I could get them any cheaper - by searching for coupon codes. I went to Google and typed in "1800contacts coupon code" and the first site gave me a code for free shipping. Double score! I got two boxes of contacts for only $10 more than my eye doctor said ONE box was. I felt a little...victorious. (And yes, I understand that glasses are practically free...but the sun shines in my eyes and when I wear the glasses too long, my eyes get strained/tired.)

All of that being said...I was on-track with the rest of my expenditures.

Dinner tonight was rad! I went down to Safeway with a few options in my mind (stirfry, fried rice, beenie weenies or quesadillas), but I had pretty much decided on beenie weenies for dinner, since the Tofu Pops were on sale for $2.69 a package. (They're usually something like $4, so it's a good deal...you meat-eaters are lucky with your cheap dogs!) Whilst browsing the bean aisle, I discovered that the cheapest can of baked beans was something like $3, and I find that a bit ridiculous. I just glanced over the ingredients list and figured I could totally make my own baked beans, so that's exactly what I did. (I also saw a can of vegetarian chili for $1, so I grabbed that right up for lunch at work one day.) The finished product was delicious, so I'll be sharing the recipe...in all of it's "kinda-sorta measurements" glory.

  • Coffee: $0.60
  • Apple: $0.75
  • Black Beans: $1.00
  • Tomato Sauce: $0.65
  • Vegetarian Chili: $1.00
  • Tofu Pops: $2.69
  • TOTAL: $6.69

Homemade Veggie Beenie-Weenies
(for the broke and wonderful)

-one can black beans
-half of one medium yellow onion, chopped
-four garlic cloves, minced
-olive oil
-four "hot dogs"
-barbeque sauce
-tomato sauce
-brown sugar
-salt & pepper

Saute onion in oil until translucent. Add garlic and saute a few minutes longer. Drain the water from the can of black beans (or save even more money and soak a cup of dry black beans overnight prior to this) and add to onions and garlic. Chop up the "hot dogs" and add them to the mix.
This is the fun part: add everything else to your liking. If you like baked beans super-sweet, then add a few tablespoons of sugar. If you really like barbeque sauce, then pile it in. Don't add too much liquid, though, or you'll wind up with a soup. My measurements were about 1/4 cup tomato sauce, three tablespoons of barbeque sauce, two tablespoons brown sugar, and then a few dashes of everything else. I added a little bit of garlic powder, too, because I'm a garlic addict and four cloves wasn't enough - it's just all we had in the house.
Let it simmer on medium for about ten minutes to soak in the flavor.

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