Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sunset on the Beach

The Yelp party on Thursday night caused an annoying hangover the next day...and all I know how to do on a hangover is eat, eat, eat. Eating, I've discovered, takes away a lot of the "pain" and soaks up that "crappy feeling."

Bagel for breakfast. Coffee. Two oranges. Lunch was a can of vegetarian chili...but even that was not enough and a cheap-ish $3 vegetable sandwich from Lee's Deli held me over a bit. I got out of work at 4 p.m. and decided to try and catch the sunset on Ocean Beach, which is a 45-minute ride from my work. The ride was amazing....the weather in SF has been incredible.

For dinner, I opted to treat myself to a burrito. I wanted something substantial and I still wasn't feeling 100% (especially after the ride to-and-from the beach), so I headed down to Taqueria Castillito at Church and Market. They have the biggest burritos in the city, and an awesome option for vegans: grilled vegetables (broccoli, carrots, zucchini), black beans, rice, salsa on a wheat, spinach, or tomato tortilla for $4.22 with tax. It's the best veggie burrito bargain and the tastiest in the city imho. (Chips and salsa are included and - oh hai - SALSA BAR!)

I kept it low-key last night, though, by watching a movie and just vegging out online for a bit before reading a little and turning in early on a Friday night.

  • Coffee: $0.60
  • Sandwich: $3.00
  • Burrito: $4.22
  • TOTAL: $7.82

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