Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sales, Sales, Sales

I decided to just make myself some fried rice for dinner, mainly because it’s thrifty. As I walked to Safeway, I really started to crave a taco from Castillito…and it’s right across the street from Safeway. I almost caved and veered right instead of left, but I stuck to my guns and went to the grocery store. I’m glad I did, because I found out tofu was on sale for even LESS than it had been all month. Prior to this, it was 2/$3, which is a good deal, but now it’s at 10/$10, so $1 EACH. I was excited, and snatched up not one but THREE containers of it. Inspired by the sale, I went ahead and picked up everything I needed for dinner for tonight in addition to the fried rice for dinner last night and lunch today. I even got the ingredients for a bagel spread I had been wanting to try, since Tofutti “cream cheese” is over my budget at $4.79 a container.

So, I made my fried rice. I made my bagel spread (so good, recipe below). I have everything I need for dinner tonight. All for under $10. All for under $7, actually. Nice.

  • Coffee: $0.60
  • Apple: $0.75
  • Bar of Dark Chocolate: $1.29
  • Tofu: $3.00
  • Onion: $0.54
  • Potato: $0.66
  • Banana: $0.30
  • Brown Rice: $1.49
  • TOTAL: $8.63

    Bagels-for-Breakfast Spread

    -one medium, ripe banana
    -four ounces of silken smooth tofu
    -two tablespoons peanut butter
    -two tablespoons maple syrup
    -one teaspoon vanilla
    -1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
    -1/4 teaspoon nutmeg

    Blend everything together in a blender. Pour into airtight container and store in the


  1. but.. why not just do 70 dollars a week instead of 10 a day? 10 a day is INCREDIBLY wasteful and you can more than afford a weeks worth of food for 40 bucks at walmart (yes, the devil, but cheap), leaving 30 for whatever coffee and junk you want

  2. Hey Danyell, this is Jessica Dee. I just read all of your posts, WOW. You are really doing a good job. I just wanted to tell you on here instead of all the other crap we have each other on. By the way, I did wonder the whole time reading this, why not buy a bag of Apples? That's all. Cya!

  3. @ImTheDarkcyde

    Since I've been doing this, I'm inclined to agree with you. $70 a week seems better, but this was my first month doing it and it's been a learning process. Maybe that will be my next go-around at this.

    I do, however, have to say I haven't really wasted anything doing this. In fact, I'm using MORE of everything because I'm factoring it into the things that I already have when deciding what to eat for dinner.