Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Art of the Leftover

I have perfected this art. I have figured out how to come home from work and prepare a meal for myself that leaves me with two servings: one at that moment and one for leftovers at work the next day. Spaghetti, stirfry, sandwiches, pizza...they all work!

That being said, I did the ole bagel and coffee and apple thing in the morning at work. Lunch was a can of veggie soup, since I didn't cook a dinner the night before. I made simple spaghetti with chopped mushrooms for dinner.

While at Safeway buying the sauce and onion for dinner, I discovered a really REALLY good deal on some fake sausage and fake beef and tofu. The sale goes all month, so I'll be using these deals to my advantage. I can't say I wasn't excited.

Last night, the Independent here in San Francisco did it's weekly "free movie night." The movie was Burn After Reading. They say there is a two-drink minimum per person, but I'm not sure how strict they are on that...but my friends had me covered, anyway. Mike and Chris bought a pitcher of Blue Moon and let me have some beer on the measely $1.00 I was able to throw in. (Thanks, guys!) There was free popcorn, so I did what I could in getting enough to bring back to the table as a small "thank you" to the boys.

  • Coffee: $0.60
  • Apple: $0.75
  • Deoderant: $2.81
  • Tomato Sauce: $0.85
  • Bag of Bagels: $2.50
  • Onion: $0.37
  • Crimini Mushrooms: $0.68
  • Pitching in for a Pitcher: $1.00 (aka "my friends rule")
  • TOTAL: $9.56

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