Saturday, January 24, 2009

Two Days

I didn't get a chance to update yesterday on spending for Thursday.

Thursday was just the standard bit. Went to work and made dinner at home; tofu scramble and homefries. I had already purchased everything the day before, so the only money spent on Thursday was coffee, the apple, and a bus-ride (it was raining).

  • Coffee: $0.60
  • Apple: $0.75
  • Bus: $1.50
  • TOTAL: $2.85

Friday, I wanted something different for dinner, so I went out to the Mission and got two vegan mole tacos, chips and salsa at Papalote. I went by bus because of rain.

I also got to enjoy Iron Lung at Annie's Social Club, but it was free via the guest free show for me.

  • Coffee: $0.60
  • Apple: $0.75
  • Bus: $3.00
  • Tacos: $5.15
  • TOTAL: $9.50

It's my birthday weekend, so updating won't be too in-depth.

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