Monday, January 5, 2009

Back in San Francisco

I live in the Lower Haight section of San Francisco, but I work in the Financial District. I get to work via bicycle, so there is no expenditure here.

I still had bagels and Tofutti cream cheese from last week, so I enjoyed my favorite kind of breakfast.

And now to a regular routine: I discovered that the Lee's Deli across from my work charges only $0.60 for coffee if you bring your own mug. I have been doing this for about six months, and nothing will change during this project. (I understand brewing your own coffee is cheaper, but I really enjoy leaving the office for some "fresh air," folks.) On the same token, I also usually supplement my coffee with an apple purchased at the same time.

That being said: that's all I spent today. I had leftover homemade pizza for lunch (from last week) and a chunk of dark chocolate for dessert. When I got home, I discovered I had everything to make fried rice.

  • Apple: $0.75
  • Coffee: $0.60
  • TOTAL: $1.35

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