Monday, January 5, 2009


There has been some criticism about this blog that I would like to clear up.

This blog is not how to "barely survive." This is a lesson in budgeting and still being able to spend (minimal) money on entertainment in addition to food. This includes eating out if I so choose, as long as it's in the budget of $10-a-day. If I wanted to "barely survive," then yes I could just eat rice every meal, etc etc, but that is NOT what I am trying to prove. It's a budgeting exercise, not an exercise in living on as little as possible. That's why the budget is $10 rather than $1. (See this guy's try at it, though.)

Criticism on the fact that this is not including my rent and other bills is apparent. Well, that's ridiculous. It's impossible to live on $10-a-day in San Francisco while paying rent and utilities. It's just simply ridiculous to suggest unless I share a room with four other people and live only on dumpstered bread. If you disagree, make your own blog and prove me wrong. I choose to not include pre-existing bills due to, oh, reality.

Yes, I bought some shampoo and conditioner before the experiment. I was out. That's what people do. I did not buy anything else, but who cares if I had? People stock up on those things, and it wouldn't have been any different with me.

As far as a bagel holding me over until 1 p.m.: maybe I slept-in on those days. I was on vacation, after all. Trust me: I am by no means anorexic. I love my food - a GREAT deal. I am an average-sized woman with curves.

There was also criticism about letting the extra money move over into the next day. I haven't been practicing this at all thus far, and I don't really intend to. It seems that $10-a-day is just fine and I need no extra from another day. Trial and error, people. I've never done this before.

Any other questions before you get a knot in your knickers?

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